Google Sued US $ 5 billion Because of “Incognito” Mode in Chrome

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Google is sued to pay compensation of US $ 5 billion for allegedly secretly collecting data through the Chrome browser in incognito mode (undercover). The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Jose, California, USA, also urged Google not to collect data secretly from all US citizens, both from smartphones or computers.

google chrome illustration

Based on the demand documents reported by Reuters, Google is accused of continuing to practice data collection even though the user activates the incognito mode in their Chrome browser.

Known, incognito mode allows users to surf in cyberspace without having to worry about privacy issues. Because, the browser can hide the identity and history of the user when Incognito mode is used.

In addition to the incognito mode, Google is also believed to have collected data without the user’s knowledge through Google Analytics services, Google Ad Manager, as well as a number of plug-ins on smartphones.

Data collected from a number of these applications are used to understand user behavior on the internet, such as hobbies, favorite foods, preferred items, information on the user’s relatives, and so on.

Google response Responding to this latest allegation, Google spokesman, Jose Castaneda said that it would maintain the company’s position with maximum effort. Regarding the incognito mode , he also made it clear that a number of sites accessed by users through this mode could collect their activities on the internet.

However, it is not mentioned whether a number of these sites include Google’s websites or not. ” Incognito mode in Chrome allows user activity when surfing the internet is not stored in the browser or on the device,” Jose said as quoted from Macrumors , Thursday (06/04/2020).

“We have said clearly that in incognito mode , sites (which are accessed) may collect information on the user’s browsing activity ,” he added. For information, the demand for Google is rumored to have impacted the “millions” of Google users since June 1, 2016, who actively use incognito mode.

From each affected user, Google is asked to pay 5,000 US dollars because it is considered to be spying on users, based on applicable law in the state of California, USA. So, if calculated, the value of these demands will at least reach US $ 5 billion.

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