Google Translate Can Now Translate Conversations Directly

Google Translate on mobile

Beginning last January, Google introduced a new feature of Google Assistant, which is able to translate spoken sentences directly to other languages ​​right then and there.

Google Translate on mobile

Now, Google announced that the Google Translate feature Trancribe feature was launched this week, and is available in eight languages ​​including English, French, German, Indian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Previously, Google Translate was able to convert conversations directly into text. But the text has not been translated into other languages, let alone translate sentences in lengthy discussions.

Realizing this, Google immediately presents the Trancribe feature via an update that will be present on Google Translate. “We recognize and consider these gaps as an important part of the process of communicating to humans. Therefore we created this feature,” said a Google spokesman.

Transcribe feature on Google Translate

However, this update will only be given to the Android platform, followed later for the iOS platform When officially launched, there will be a new option called “Transcribe”. To start translating sentences, the user can press the “Trancribe” button available on the application menu.

The available language choices can also be changed via the dropdown menu in the application. Summarized from ZDNet , Thursday (3/19/2020), the workings of this new feature are similar to Live Transcribe, where the transcript process (from voice to text) does not occur on mobile phones, because it is processed in the Google Cloud and Tensor Processing Unit ( TPU).

In other words, Google Translate Transcribe can work thanks to a combination of direct translation features with a TPU device. Live Transcribe feature itself is one of Google’s features created to help users with hearing loss.

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