Hacked Prone, Twitter Finally Turns Off the SMS Feature

Twitter application on mobile

Although now commonly used through smartphone and desktop applications , Twitter which was founded in 2006 initially relied on SMS to upload and receive tweets. That’s why there used to be a character limit of up to 140.

Twitter application on mobile

Besides it’s rarely used, the SMS feature on Twitter also has a security hole. For example, the account of the founder and CEO of Twitter himself, Jack Dorsey, who was hacked last year so that Twitter temporarily turn off the SMS feature.

Later, Twitter finally said that SMS support was turned off completely. This means that users can no longer receive other users’ tweet notifications, or send tweets via the SMS feature. Twitter’s reason is none other than security.

“We see a security hole in SMS, so we turn off Twitter services via SMS, except for some countries,” chirped the @TwitterSupport account. Not explained which countries can still use SMS for Twitter.

Even though they cannot send tweets or receive twit notifications via SMS, users can still use SMS to receive two-factor authenticati on (2FA) codes when logging in.

Millions of “SMS” accounts were deleted The side effect of removing this SMS support is that Twitter accounts created using the SMS feature are also deleted. These accounts in the early days of Twitter started the service first, and are now inactive.

“We delete various accounts created via SMS because we no longer support the technology and these accounts also tend to be targets of hacking ,” Twitter said as quoted from Independent on Thursday (4/30/2020).

However, Twitter did not reveal the exact number of accounts that were deleted. However, technology observer Matt Navara said that the number reached millions of accounts.

According to Navara, the removal of this non-active account could cause a decrease in the number of followers between 8 to 10 percent in accounts with large followers or above 1 million.

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