Hard Disk Contains Facebook Employee Salary Data Stolen

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Facebook hit again by the problem of data theft. Not user data, but data about 29,000 Facebook employees reportedly stolen by irresponsible people. The data that was stolen reportedly included Facebook employees’ financial information, such as complete employee data, salary data, bank information, and so on.

Facebook illustration

Based on a Bloomberg report , the financial data of tens of thousands of employees are stored on a number of unencrypted hard disks , so the thief can leak the data stored on them easily. Even so, it was not stated how many hard disks were stolen.

The hard disk was taken home by a thief on November 17, when he broke into a car that apparently belonged to a Facebook employee. When traced, the car owner is indeed tasked with taking care of payroll problems at the start of the company Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook only realized it three days later, and only announced on December 13 that, based on the results of a forensic investigation, the storage media indeed contained financial data of its employees in the US who were still receiving salaries in 2018.

Facebook said it would thoroughly investigate this incident with the authorities and confirm that no user data was brought by the thief. “We have cooperated with the authorities to investigate the car burglary incident that occurred, following the theft of an employee bag containing company equipment with employee salary information stored in it,” said a Facebook spokeswoman, quoted from Cnet, Monday (12/16/2019 ).

“We do not see any violence and believe that this is purely a theft incident, not as an attempt to steal employee information,” he added.

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