Here are 4 Sites for Free Online Meetings Without Registration

video conference application

In the midst of a corona pandemic, not a few users who use various video conference platforms to simply communicate with relatives or meeting virtually with colleagues. Various platforms are available and can be used free of charge, such as Zoom Meetings, Hangouts Meet, Messenger, to Cisco Webex.

video conference application

However, most video conferencing providers require users to have an account to be able to enjoy services on the platform. Well, did you know that there are a number of sites that allow you to conduct video conferences with family or coworkers without having to download and register related applications?

The platform offers conveniences such as one-click meetings , meaning users simply visit the site in question to be able to directly create a digital meeting room. The following are some platforms for video conferencing without having to register or download an application, as summarized from TheNextWeb , Monday (4/13/2020).

1. Skype

Skype application

Who doesn’t know Skype? This video conference platform made by Microsoft can also be used to gather online with 49 of your friends at once without having to register. You simply visit the Skype site at the following link , click the “Create a free meeting”> “Start a call”> and “Join as guest” button.

After that, enter your name and click the “Join” button. to make room. If you want to invite others, you can easily copy the link listed in the URL address box and share it with family or relatives.

2. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi is an open-source teleconferencing platform that can accommodate up to 75 participants. To enjoy Jitsi, you can visit the following link . Then, write the name of the virtual room you want in the “Start a new meeting” column and click the “Go” button.

A few moments later, you will be offered a Jitsi room display. Copy and share the link of the room to others if you want to enliven the atmosphere.

3. 8×8

8x8 application

Just like Skype, 8×8 is able to accommodate up to 50 people and offers meetings with unlimited duration . If you want to use 8×8, you can click on the following link and enter the room name in the column provided. Then, click the “Start meeting” button to start the teleconference video call session . You can also invite others by copying the link in the URL box and sharing it with your friends.

4. Talky

talky application

Talky allows users to enjoy free video conferencing services with a simple interface. Unlike other platforms , the number of call participants on Talky is very limited. One Talky video call session can only load 6 people, unlike Skype, Jitsi, and 8×8 which can reach dozens of people.

If you want to enjoy this platform , you can simply visit the following link and enter the name of the room you want. Then, click the “Start a chat” button. After that, a virtual room will be created and other people can enter if they visit the link that you shared. It should be noted, users should use desktop devices (laptops / PCs) so that video conferencing services on a number of these platforms can be used optimally.

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