Here’s How To Check WhatsApp Deleted Messages

WhatsApp application

WhatsApp Facebook’s instant messaging platform has a delete message feature that has two options. The two options are delete for me and delete for everyone that can be used also for voice notes and photos.

WhatsApp application

The existence of the delete message feature sometimes makes us wonder what the contents of the message sent by friends, family or boyfriend.

But on WhatsApp there is no option to read deleted messages, so you ask curiously what the contents of the message are. For those of you who don’t want to be curious, Nextren reporters find an easy way to read messages deleted by the sender.

This easy way can be done by downloading other applications that can only be found on the Google Play Store. The name of the application is WhatsRemoved+ which is said to be able to read messages deleted by the sender instead of messages that we delete.

This application can be used for those of you who are gathering evidence or are making surprises but do not want to get caught, but must remember the details that must be prepared. In starting WhatsRemoved+ there are several steps that must be chosen first.

The first step after downloading is the application, after that open WhatsRemoved+ and read the rules and policies of the application. Make it a habit to read first to avoid things that feel disadvantaged, if WhatsRemoved+ policies and regulations do not suit you, it is recommended not to continue.

The second step is WhatsRemoved+ requires permission from you smartphone owner to access notifications. Not all application notifications but you can choose the application that you want to allow like WhatsApp. This permission is also concurrent with WhatsRemoved + permission to detect incoming messages on WhatsApp .

The third step, this application will ask for permission again to save the file on your smartphone. Click allow, then WhatsRemoved + can already be used. After completing WhatsRemoved +, you will be able to see how the application works.

WhatsRemoved + not only reads deleted posts but also other media such as photos, videos and voice notes.

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