Here’s How to Karaoke Online with Friends Via Watch2Gether

Karaoke illustration

In the face of widespread Covid-19 outbreaks, people are encouraged to stay indoors. Although it can minimize the spread of Covid-19, it is undeniable that being at home causes boredom. To overcome boredom, you can karaoke fun with friends even though you are in each other’s homes.

Karaoke illustration

The method is of course by using the online karaoke application. One application that can be used is Watch2Gether. As the name suggests, Watch2Gether is actually a platform that allows users to watch videos together. However, this platform can also be “tricked” to karaoke together.

How to? The first step, simply visit the page , from a PC or smartphone. Then click the “Create your room” button to create a virtual karaoke room.


To invite other users, just share the link or link to the room . Well, to be able to karaoke together, users must look for a karaoke video that is equipped with lyrics.

The video can be searched through the “magnifying glass” icon at the top of the chat window . Users can search videos from a number of platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, to Soundcloud.

search for songs on We2Gether

To search for videos that can be used for karaoke, users can add the keyword “karaoke” to the song they are looking for. For example, “Idina Menzel Let It Go Karaoke “.

After that, click on the desired video. In order for each participant to see his face and hear his voice, each must activate the camera and microphone through the available buttons.

activate microphone and camera in Watch2Gether

Users can click on the ” video ” icon to turn on the camera and then click on the “microphone” icon to allow voice input. When both are green, the video and audio from the user’s device are active and can be seen or heard by other users.

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To turn off the sound or the camera, the user can click the two icons again until they turn red. Summarized from the Watch2Gether page, Wednesday (01/04/2020), keep in mind, all videos displayed on the Watch2Gether screen will automatically sync with all viewers in one room.

That is, if a user pauses the karaoke video that is playing, then that will also apply to other users. Watch2Gether can also be accessed via a smartphone. However, to be used optimally, users should use a laptop or PC.


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