Here’s How to Send Files More Than 25 MB via Gmail

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On the Gmail platform, Google allows users to attach a number of files ( attachments ) with a total size of 25 MB. The quota is relatively small and often not enough, especially if the user wants to send a number of high-resolution images.

Gmail illustration

However, it turns out there are ways that can be used to send files with a larger size through Google’s e-mail service. Check out the following steps. Upload files via Google Drive To send large files, users can use Google Drive. This cloud storage service is available to all Gmail users automatically and can be used by logging in using a Google account.

Google Drive provides 15 GB of storage capacity for free or free. Users can increase the number to 100 GB or a maximum of 30 TB by paying a subscription fee. To send files via Gmail, the user must first upload the file in question to Google Drive. Open the Google Drive application or visit the site, then select and upload the file you want to send.

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How to upload it yourself is fairly simple. Users simply click on the “+” icon on the front page of Google Drive. Then, select the “Upload” icon. Then, the user will be presented with a list of files or images stored on the storage media of the cellphone or PC.

Here, select the file you want to send and then click the “Open” button. All types of files can be uploaded, ranging from text documents, photos, to high-resolution video, as long as the size does not exceed the Google Drive storage limit (15 GB for free use, or up to 30 TB for paid use earlier).

Wait a few moments until the upload process is complete. After that, users can directly switch to the Gmail application. How to insert Google Drive files into Gmail Open the Gmail application then click the “+” icon in the app’s initial view to create a new e-mail.

Make sure the email you use to send is the same as the Google Drive email. After that, select the “clip” icon then select the “Insert from Drive” option. A few moments later, the entire contents will appear along with the folder that has been stored in the user’s Google Drive.

How to send a large size Gmail

Next, select the file that was uploaded earlier, then click the “Select” button. Keep in mind, users can not choose all the files that exist at once. This means that users must select these Google Drive files individually. After including the Google Drive file , users can then immediately send the file.

Shortly after pressing the “Send” button, users will be treated to a “Sharing options” pop-up page. Select the “Recipients of this email: Can view” option so that the recipient of the email can see the contents of the Google Drive file that was attached earlier. Finally, click the “Send” button. The recipient will be able to download large files from the sender’s Google Drive.

It should be noted, users can also send Google Drive files together with file attachments that are uploaded directly, of course, provided the total file size does not exceed 25MB. Google Drive files that are attached themselves are not counted in the data sending quota by Gmail, so users can send files up to a dozen GB, as long as the Google Drive quota still exists.

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