How to Automatically Set Up Activity on a Google Account

Google My Activity

Data storage by service providers on the internet is one issue that has received much attention. Currently, Google updates the data retention policy by automatically deleting data activity in the user’s account. Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google and Alphabet announced the new policy and this applies to the user’s core activities.

“When you first turn on Location History, the automatic deletion option by default will be set to 18 months. Automatic deletion of Web & Application Activities will also be set by default to 18 months, including for new accounts,” Sundar said quoted from the company’s official statement.

This means, all Google user activity data will be automatically and periodically deleted after more than 18 months.

“This storage period by default will not apply to other Google products such as Gmail, Drive and Photos, which are designed to store your personal content safely,” Sundar said.

In addition, Sundar also stressed that the company does not sell user information to anyone and does not use information in applications where users store personal content, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Photo for advertising purposes.

Google My Activity

Google My Activity

The company also provides another automatic deletion grace period option, which is 3 months. You can find this setting by visiting . Make sure you are connected to your Google account.

Next, you select the Activity Control menu and tap the Auto-Delete menu. You will find a dialog box like this:

auto delete Google My Activity

For example, I chose to delete all my activities in the past 18 months. Then the following dialog box appears:

auto delete Google My Activity

Next I clicked on the Confirm button to confirm that I allowed Google to delete all of my core activities in the past 18 months.

Confirmation from Google

Next will appear the last dialog box stating that Google has saved my preferences in storing activity data, more than 18 months.

This means that all activity data in my Google account that exceeds 18 months will be automatically and permanently deleted and will no longer be associated with my Google account.

But of course, users can still delete their activity data manually whenever they want.

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