How to Create an Instagram Shopping Account for Businessmen and Creators

instagram shopping feature

Businessmen and creators are now able to use the shopping or Instagram Shopping feature. Through this feature, they can peddle their products directly through Instagram, just like peddling products in the marketplace. However, there are a number of steps that must be taken before you can use Instagram Shopping.

instagram shopping feature

First, business people, SMEs, or creators must create a shop through the Commerce Manager at the following link . After fulfilling the requirements and successfully registering their shop, business people and creators must apply to activate the Instagram Shopping feature. To do this, open the profile page and click “Settings”.

Then, select “Business” and click “Set up Instagram Shopping”. Follow the steps outlined and submit a review for the account. Submissions will be reviewed manually by the Facebook internal team (human review) to minimize errors.

Therefore, the review process may take several days or longer. To see the review status for a business account, go to the “Settings” menu and click “Shop”. If the application is approved, businesses and creators can immediately activate the Shopping feature.

The trick, open the profile, then click the three lines icon in the upper right corner, then select “Settings”. Next, select “Business” and click “Shopping”. If the Shopping option doesn’t appear, it is possible that your account is still in the review stage or your application has been rejected.

If the Shopping option is available, select “Product Catalog” that you want to be associated with your business account.

Then, press finish and the shopping feature on Instagram can be directly used by business people and creators using the Shopping hashtag in their uploads. After the product is displayed, followers can browse the product catalog and buy products they like.

How to shop From the buyer’s side, Instagram Shopping can be found on the Instagram feed of online outlets or creators, with an icon of a bag image. These icons are lined with gallery, IGTV, and tagged icons on the profile page.

The same icon will also appear on IGTV if a product is promoted via IGTV video. On IGTV, a bag icon appears on the bottom side, alongside the like , comment and share icons .

After clicking the shopping icon, the user will be presented with a catalog containing the product, product name, and price. After selecting a product, click “View on website” which will take the user to the shop’s official website to complete the shopping process, including payment.


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