How to Delete or Save Stories on Instagram

how to save Instagram Stories content

Instagram social network loyal users must be familiar with the Stories feature that is often used to share pictures or short videos containing everyday moments. Content in Stories will be automatically deleted within 24 hours after being uploaded.

how to save Instagram Stories content

However, unlike the main Instagram timeline, content uploaded via Instagram Stories cannot be edited. Users can only delete and upload it again if for example there is an error after Stories are uploaded. So, how how to remove content that has been uploaded on Instagram Stories ?

First of all, users must of course have an Instagram account and upload at least one Stories . Then, click on the avatar account in the form of a loophole that can be found on the “Home” or “Profile” tab in the Instagram application or site.

A few moments later, users will be presented with various Stories that have been previously uploaded, ranging from the oldest to the most recent, in the last 24 hours.

Select the Stories that you want to delete by clicking the “More” option, represented by the three dot icon in the lower right corner of the screen, then select “delete” in the pop-up window that appears twice.

How to save Instagram Stories uploads Besides deleting, users can also save Instagram Stories content that has been uploaded. This is useful if the user wants to upload the same Stories content but only wants to add something, such as additional text or stickers.

Now, to save it, users can first visit Instagram Stories by tapping their Instagram account avatar in the “Home” or “Profile” view first.

If so, select the “More” icon and click the “Save Photo” menu to save the Stories , as indicated by the red rectangular marker in the following image. Users can find Stories that have been stored in the gallery of each phone, with a folder called Instagram.

If traced using a file manager application , Stories with video format will be saved in the Movies> Instagram folder , then the image format will be saved in the Pictures> Instagram folder. Not only storing in the phone’s memory, users can also capture Stories via the “Highlight” feature.

As the name suggests, Stories that are saved using this feature will later be displayed on the “Profile” tab on your Instagram account and will not disappear even after 24 hours of uploading.

To use the feature, users simply tap on the “Highlight” icon which is right to the left of the “More” icon in the Stories being viewed. Then, select the highlight album that has been created or select the “New” icon to create a new album.

The album here serves to accommodate the Stories that you want to save. The use of the “Highlight” feature itself can be monitored in the image above with a yellow rectangular marker.

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