How to Install Android Applications on Smartphones Via Desktop

install an Android application on a smartphone

Smartphone with the Android operating system has a default application store that is Google Play Store. The application store holds a variety of reliable software that can be “installed” or installed on the user’s Android device. There are various categories of applications there.

install an Android application on a smartphone

Starting from applications to support productivity, up to a series of mobile games that are loved in the world. The application can be downloaded for free or paid. Usually, to install the application, users must enter the Google Play Store on their mobile phones.

After that, then the desired application can be installed. But apparently, to install applications from the Google Play Store into an Android smartphone, users can also do it remotely. In other words, even in the absence of holding a cellphone the user can still install the application freely.

How to? We also tried to install the Android application on a smartphone via a desktop device (PC / computer). The method is quite easy, what is most needed to do this is a stable internet connection. First, open the internet browser on each user’s desktop device, such as Google Chrome.

Then, users can simply log into the page and then log in using the Google account that is registered on the intended mobile.

After logging in, type the name of the application you want the user to install in the search box and press “Enter” or the “magnifying glass” icon. A few moments later, search results related to the name of the application or keyword that was entered will appear.

In this view, select the application you want to install then press the “Install” button. After clicking the button, a pop-up window will appear.

Well, this window is actually equipped with a “drop down” menu where users can choose a smartphone that is the target of application installation, if the Google account has indeed been registered on several devices.

In this window, select the phone that you want to install with the application. For example, we uses a Samsung mobile phone with the model number “Samsung SM-G965F”. Then click “Install” and click “OK” in the next screen.

Shortly thereafter, applications that are sought after and selected through the desktop version of the Google Play site will also be directly installed automatically on each user’s Android smartphone . It should be noted, the two devices, both cellphones and PCs must actually be connected to the internet network.

If not, then the application selected on the desktop device will not be installed automatically or failed to install.

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