How to See Travel and Locations That Have Been Visited via Google Maps

Google Maps illustration

Google Maps digital map application to make a summary of the user’s trip in the tab ‘Your Timeline ‘ or ‘Your Timeline ‘. The Your Timeline feature is one of Google’s ways to provide a list of users’ travel history, and which areas they have visited.

Google Maps illustration

Users simply open the Google Maps mobile application on iOS or Android, and select the three horizontal lines menu on the left from the main page, or by swiping to the right.

Timeline service from Googlemaps

In the bar, you will be offered several menu choices, choose the menu in the second line with your Your Timeline.

Users will be taken to a page that shows the history of the trip since you used GoogleMaps and GPS is activated. The main view shows the Today’s travel menu. If you want to see a trip on the previous day, click the Today menu / Today at the top, then select the desired date and month.

There are also four columns to help you search the history of the trip. You can search travel history by date, place, city, world or country that you have visited. If you want to add your trip that has not been saved in this timeline, you can select the three dot menu in the top right corner.

In the menu, you can refresh the page, add places, notes, and delete the history of the journey per day. In addition, you can also find help, send feedback to Google and there are settings and privacy.  In addition to using a cellphone, users can also view travel history via desktop or PC via the page.


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