How to Use Face Filters to Beautify Instagram Stories Content

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Instagram Stories is currently one of the features on Instagram that is in demand by many users. Through this feature, users can upload photos or short videos that will disappear automatically after 24 hours. Instagram Stories also provides a number of effects and certain filters to enhance your photos and videos that users will upload.

instagram illustration

Since May 2019, Instagram also provides programs for creators to create unique face filters for their followers. These filters are freely available and can be used easily to increase engagement on user-generated uploads. So how do you use filters on Instagram Stories? These filters can be used very easily.

The trick, users can simply choose the option to upload a Story via the camera pictorial button in the top left corner. After that, to start using filters, users simply scroll the screen to the right and the user will find a number of filters to use.

There, users can choose one of a number of default filters available on Instagram such as Golden Glitter , Blossom , or Heart Eyes. This filter is available and can be used via the circle button at the bottom, which also functions as a shutter button.

If the screen keeps scrolling to the right, users will find a browse effect menu for more filter and effect options. From the observation there are a number of themes to choose from there, such as love, sci-fi & fantasy, animals, and others. To use it, users simply select the desired effect or filter, then press the “try it” button to try.

Users can also save these filters on their respective Instagram home pages so they can be accessed more quickly.

After use, users can also save photos or videos that have been created using these filters. The trick, just press the button with the down arrow icon at the top. Automatically, the video or photo will be saved in the phone’s internal gallery.

In addition, to be more up to date with the latest filters on Instagram, users can also follow accounts from these filters. Thus when the creator creates a new filter, the filter will automatically appear on the front page of the user.

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