Huawei Patents Galaxy Z Flip-like Foldable Screen Phone

Huawei Patents Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr are folding phones with clamshell designs from each manufacturer. Later, Huawei was allegedly interested in developing similar devices. The indication can be seen from a Huawei patent published by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

Huawei Patents Galaxy Z Flip

The device design in the patent shows a cellphone that can be folded on a horizontal axis so that it changes shape from rectangle to square when it is folded.

At the top of the screen there is a notch that might load the front camera, to be used to take selfies when the device is stretched. Meanwhile, on the back there is a rear camera circuit module arranged vertically in line. Beyond the shape design, there is no other information related to this folding screen phone.

Also not known what the specifications of the cell phone. However, a number of rumors say that Huawei plans to use Ultra Thin Glass screen technology, similar to what Samsung had already implemented in the Galaxy Z Flip, as summarized from GSM Arena, Friday (10/07/2020).

The existence of this patent is contrary to the statement that had been expressed by a Huawei official in the UK, Anson Zhang, some time ago.

At that time Zhang said that Huawei was not interested in making folding phones like the Galaxy Z Flip. “If (folding phones) don’t give the screen more relief when stretched, then why use a folding mechanism?” said Zhang.

He also said that folding screen phones were made to enhance the user experience. That is why foldable phones are made so that users can enjoy widescreen phones with a more concise form.

” Foldable phones are made to have a better display for reading, video and even multitasking as shown by Richard Yu,” Zhang said. Huawei itself actually has made folding phones from the Mate X series that look more like Galaxy Fold than Galaxy Z Flip.

The Mate X screen is folded in the vertical axis to the outside, the opposite of the Galaxy Fold that is folded inwards like closing a book.

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