Instagram Launches Reels, TikTok-like Short Video Features

Instagram Reels screenshot

Instagram launched a short video recording feature similar to TikTok with the name Reels. The feature embedded in Instagram Stories allows users to record and edit short 15-second videos, with a variety of entertainment elements. The elements that users can add include background music, video speed, to various unique effects.

Instagram Reels screenshot

After equipping the video with music and effects, users can then share it with other users, either through Instagram Stories, Direct Message (DM), or to their relatives group (Close Friends).

Like an Instagram Stories, Reels will disappear after 24 hours of airing. However, users can save the Reels they created with the Highlight feature. When saved through these features, Reels videos will also have the opportunity to show in other Reels video ranks that are being viral.

The video that is being loved by Instagram users will be collected in the “Top Reels” segment in the Explore tab on the Instagram application. Reels itself is currently only available for Instagram users (Android and iOS) in Brazil, as reported from Engadget, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

There is no information when this application will greet other countries. Previously, Instagram itself was reportedly testing a feature similar to TikTok with the name “Scenes” which can also be called “Clip”.

This feature found by a master programmer, Jane Manchun Wong, allows users to record short videos and embellish them with a variety of music and filter effects. However, it is unclear whether Reels is an embodiment of the recently discovered Scenes feature or is different.

Now, when it comes to short videos, Facebook actually already has a Reels-like feature as outlined in an application called Lasso. However, the application is said to be less effective in attracting user interest because it is a stand-alone application , and has not been integrated with Facebook or Instagram.

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