Instagram Live Shows Can Now Be Watched from a PC

Instagram Live Shows

After providing Direct Message access from a computer, instagram Live features/live show can now be watched via a PC or laptop browser. Previously, users could only watch live broadcasts through the Instagram app on gadgets.

Instagram Live Shows

Meanwhile, if Instagram is accessed through a browser, similar features that can be displayed are only limited to Instagram Stories. Reportedly, this new feature is an attempt by Facebook as the owner of Instagram to provide live broadcast content via web desktop in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

When accessed through a PC browser, various impressions directly on Instagram will appear automatically and placed in the first place in a row of Instagram Stories, like the display in Instagram app mobile.

The web version of Instagram Live is different from the application version. Instead of covering Instagram Live content, various comments made on a live broadcast will appear separately to the right of the content window. Desktop computer screens are bigger than smartphones. Impressions and comments can be displayed separately so that it seems more relieved.

However, if users want to create live broadcast content on their Instagram account, then they still have to do it via a smartphone , as summarized from Engadget. It is not yet known whether Instagram Live will be able to be carried out also via a PC browser or not.

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