Instagram Starts to Apply User Age Limit Policy

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Instagram announced new rules for prospective users who will create an Instagram account. Starting today, Instagram will request information on the date of birth of potential users. The age allowed if you want to register for Instagram is a minimum of 13 years in most countries.

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According to Instagram, this rule was made to prevent users who are not old enough to have an Instagram account. This rule also adjusts data protection laws in force in Europe and the United States. The country is known to be very strict with the use of digital data, especially the protection of children’s data.

“Knowing the user’s age is very important for us, not only to create an age-appropriate experience but also to adjust our old rules to not allow access to underage users,” explained Vishal Shah, Head of Instagram Products as reported by Reuters on Thursday (5 / 12/2019). After this change, users who do not meet the age criteria will immediately fail to create an Instagram account.

From the official information, the date of birth on Instagram will not be public. This means that this information can only be seen by the account owner. If a user registers Instagram using Facebook, the date of birth listed there will automatically follow when registering Instagram. If the user changes the age on Facebook, the date of birth information on Instagram will adjust as well.

However, if you don’t register an Instagram account with Facebook, the date of birth on Instagram can be changed manually.

“In the coming months, Instagram will use the user’s birthday information to create a more personal experience, for example education about account control and recommendations for privacy settings for teenagers,” Instagram wrote.

Control Direct Message Not only age rules , Instagram also makes new rules to control direct messages, aka direct messages (DM). Now, users can arrange that only people they follow can send messages and add them to the DM conversation group.

During this time, Instagram users, especially those who open their accounts to the public, can be entered into the DM group carelessly by others who don’t even follow their account. Later, people who enable this setting will no longer receive messages, group message requests, or Stories replies from people they don’t follow.

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