Intel Acquires Rival Network Card Company

intel company

A number of laptop brands , such as Dell, Alienware, HP, and others use a network card ( Network Interface Card, NIC) branded by Rivet Networks. Later news emerged that Rivet Networks had been acquired by Intel , the processor giant, with an undisclosed amount of value.

intel company

After the acquisition, products under the Killer brand from Rivet Networks will be combined with Intel’s portfolio, including the software. “His team members will join our Wireless Solutions group, under the Client Computing Group,” Intel President and CTO Client Computing Group said in a written statement.

Rivet Networks is none other than competitors who have been competing with Intel in the NIC realm for more than a decade. A few years ago the two had worked together to spawn a NIC Killer Wireless-AC 1550 product whose manufacturing was handled by Intel.

NIC Killer products provide features to support gaming activities, such as latency that is made as low as possible and prioritizing internet traffic for games. Therefore, as summarized from The Verge, Monday (05/25/2020), Intel can also penetrate the gaming market through this acquisition.

There are allegations that Intel will apply the technology from the acquisition to its NIC products, or laptop / desktop gaming computers. However, Intel still hasn’t announced future plans in detail.

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