iOS 13.4 Reported to Make FaceTime “Error”

FaceTime video call

Some time ago, Apple rolled out iOS 13.4 update for iPhone and iPad users. This update has reportedly brought problems instead. Some users report that their FaceTime video or audio call application has experienced an error. Problems encountered in the form of not being able to do FaceTime or receive FaceTime calls.

FaceTime video call

Not only iOS 13.4. This problem is also experienced by MacOS 10.15.4 users. Apparently, this problem only occurs when doing FaceTime between new devices and old devices.

New devices that run with iOS 13.4 or MacOS 10.15.4, cannot do FaceTime – either audio or video – with legacy devices that are running with the old operating system. Older devices such as the fifth generation iPod Touch, the first generation mini iPad, iPhone 4S, third generation iPad, and iPad 2 have just got iOS 9.3.5 and 9.3.6 updates. These updates are the latest for these devices.

Could not communicate in the middle of the plague

Another problem arises because some older iPhone and iPad users are elderly Meanwhile, currently countries in the world are actively intensifying social distancing in order to minimize Covid-19 transmission. FaceTime errors also hinder communication between older and younger generations of Apple device users.

Some users have complained about this problem to the Twitter account @AppleSupport. One of them is an iPhone user with the account name @jonnycastaway. He said FaceTime errors made him and his two children unable to communicate with their 90-year-old grandmother.

The same thing is also complained by the user with the account name @bertrum. He claimed he could not contact his mother who was being isolated through FaceTime.

FaceTime may experience errors due to bugs. Summarized from MacRumors, Friday (3/4/2020), Apple has not given a response related to this. iOS 13.4 was released by Apple last March.

A number of new features are embedded in the update. One of them is a feature that allows users to share the iCloud Drive folder from the Files application.

Apple also presents nine new Memoji stickers and updates on the toolbar in the Mail application. iOS 13.4 can be downloaded by iPhone 6S users or newer.

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