iPhone 11 Pro Contains Pieces of Mike Tyson’s Pants for 6,320 US dollars

iPhone 11 edition of Mike Tyson

Russian luxury goods manufacturer, Caviar, re-released the latest design for the latest Apple flagship smartphone. This time it is an iPhone 11 Pro edition of ” Mike Tyson” and ” Marilyn Monroe “. The two cellphones are embedded with pieces belonging to the two legendary figures from the world of sports and the film.

iPhone 11 edition of Mike Tyson

For the Mike Tyson iPhone 11 Pro edition called “Iron Mike” , Caviar pinned a piece of Tyson’s black boxing pants behind a round-shaped protective glass on the back of the cellphone, under the portrait relief of the boxer’s face.

Caviar sells his iPhone 11 Pro Iron Mike with prices starting at 5,850 US dollars for the 256GB version. There is also the iPhone 11 Pro Max Iron Mike, starting at 6,320 US dollars for the 256 GB variant. Mike Tyson’s iPhone 11 edition only produced 50 units in the world, according to the number of matches Mike Tyson won throughout his career.

Then what does the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB have with Marilyn Monroe? This phone is decorated with red lip lip engraved on the back side, surrounded by a similar pattern of black lace. “The final element, a piece of the Marilyn Monroe dress, is placed behind a protective glass shaped like a birthmark (mole) famous for the actress,” Caviar wrote in a product description on her website.

The iPhone 11 Pro Marilyn Monroe edition starts from 5,100 US dollars for the 64 GB version. Then, Caviar also offers the iPhone 11 Pro Max Marilyn Monroe edition with a tag starting from 5,580 US dollars for the 64 GB variant. As compiled from GSM Arena, Thursday (12/19/2019), Caviar indeed often pinned pieces of goods belonging to famous figures in the shell of his luxury cell phone that was sold at exorbitant prices.

Previously, the company had offered a cellphone with a turtleneck T-shirt piece owned by Apple founder Steve Jobs, also a cellphone containing a piece of a suit belonging to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr from The Beatles.

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