“Kind Person” posting on IG Stories Blushes, Here’s How to Make It

kind person instagram

Instagram Stories is being enlivened by “kind person” posts. The post displays a profile photo of a user who is looking at a friend’s story, with the most kind person. Coupled with celebrities who post stories like that, make a lot of his followers curious.

kind person instagram

Not infrequently they are shocked, blushed, why there can be their Instagram profile photos in that post. The post was actually a #WeShouldBeKind campaign created by the @sulrod account. The account creates an IG Stories template by using comment stickers.

However, instead of being used to receive follower comments, the sticker is placed so that it only displays the avatar (profile photo) of the user who is viewing the Instagram Stories.

So, how to make it? First of all, you can simply visit the Instagram profile @sulrod and click on the row of Stories Highlights titled “Be Kind”. Then, do a screenshot on the Instagram Stories template that is accompanied by the words “comments”.

After that, use the screenshot photo taken earlier for the Instagram Stories feature, and add a comment sticker. Next, enlarge and slide the comment sticker so that your avatar image covers the “comments” text as shown in the following illustration.

If it’s neat, send this template to Instagram Stories by pressing the “Sent To” button. After that, your Instagram followers who see your Instagram Stories posts, will probably be surprised or blushed, why their photos are in that post.

Can use your own template Well, because you use a comment sticker , you can actually use your own template to use on Instagram Stories. This is useful if you want to convey a specific message to each of your followers in an Instagram Stories post.

You can create Instagram Stories templates in applications such as Canva, Inshot, Unfold, StoryArt, and so on. It should be noted, the background ( background ) color of the template itself must be in tune with the background color of the comment sticker.

If not, then the color of the stickers and templates will collide and will not look neat. By default , the background color of the comment sticker itself is white and can be replaced with other colors such as red, blue, green, and so on.

It is also important to remember that the comment sticker must be moved to the far right of the screen as shown above. Because, the true comments column and box must be hidden to highlight each user’s avatar .

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