Microsoft Bing Launches “Real Time” Corona Virus Tracking Site

Microsoft office

Corona virus is now becoming an important concern for all countries in the world. In response, Microsoft’s technology company through its search engine, Bing launched a special site that can track in real time, the spread of the corona virus, worldwide.

Microsoft office

The site can be accessed at the link . Microsoft’s General Manager Bing Growth and Distribution, Michael Schechter, said that the data displayed on the site was obtained from official sources.

Official sources used by Microsoft Bing include the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

“Many of our people (Bing) have been working from home since last week to create a mapping and official news source for the Covid-19 information site,” Michael said as compiled from ZDNet , Tuesday (03/17/2020).

corona virus tracking

The / covid site contains the latest information on the number of people who have been infected with the corona virus from every country in the world and all the states of the United States.

To see statistical data on the spread of the corona virus in each country, users can click on the country that will be searched on the map, which will also display the latest news about the corona virus in that country.

It is known that Microsoft announced the website for tracking the spread of the corona virus two days after United States President Donald Trump said that, Google will also begin to create a special site related to Covid-19 for US citizens.

According to reports, the Google website will not only track information about the spread of the corona virus, but will also include information related to the symptoms of the corona virus and health testing data from local testing centers.

Now, the site is being worked on by Alphabet’s subsidiary, Verily, which focuses on various health services. President Trump also said that there are more than 1,700 engineers who are currently contributing to the development of the site.

For information, the corona virus outbreak (Covid-19) first appeared at the end of December 2019 in China. It is currently recorded that more than 168,000 people have been declared infected with the corona virus and also killed nearly 6,500 people.

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