Microsoft Employee Salary Information Spread on the Internet

Microsoft office

Salaries and bonuses for Microsoft employees are scattered on the internet. This information was obtained by OneZero from a Facebook group consisting of Microsoft’s junior permanent employees. Salaries and bonuses are detailed in a Google Form spreadsheet.

Microsoft office

During August 2020, 310 Microsoft employees shared their earnings information on this file. “You are legally protected to share this information and you must share it so that your co-workers can determine whether they are being paid improperly.

But you still have to be vigilant,” wrote a description on the Google form. The information shared with each other is basic salary , cash bonuses, other bonuses received in the form of shares, and salary increases based on merit. Mostly, respondents are young employees or at the junior level.

Based on the employee level measurement site,, about 250 out of 310 respondents are at the 59-62 level. At Microsoft, the employee level starts at 59 to 80. Senior positions at Microsoft usually start at 63.

From file spreadsheet in circulation, the average engineer beginner (entry-level) or program managers get paid a total of 125 665 US dollars per year. Most or about 87 percent on average earn US $ 111,096 per year, as compiled from One Zero , Thursday (3/9/2020).

Meanwhile, the average cash bonus received was US $ 10,701 and the bonus was in the form of shares worth US $ 3,687. At level 62, the annual bonus and compensation is even bigger. The total compensation at that level reached an average of 174,962 US dollars per year and the average cash bonus was 20,028 US dollars.

Meanwhile, bonuses in the form of shares reached an average of US $ 13,713. Payments received by employees at this level reached US $ 141,220.

At level 64, which is filled by 11 respondents, income is calculated from the average total compensation of 234,249 US dollars per year. It’s a tradition Sharing revenue information has become a “tradition” for Microsoft employees every year to encourage the company to provide fair compensation.

Most of the respondents are employees located at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States. Last year, according to the OneZero report , more than 400 employees shared information. The total number of Microsoft employees worldwide is more than 150,000.

Especially for this year, the form also contains two additional questions. The first is related to skin color and the second is the question of whether there is a tendency to be marginalized because of gender. In 2019, Microsoft was hit by issues of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Microsoft female employees send e-mails to company officials containing stories of sexual harassment and job discrimination experienced by female employees.

Microsoft itself is currently starting to diligently publish the latest information related to diversity in its company, showing their sentiment on the issue of equality. According to the most recent spreadsheet file, the majority or 194 out of 310 respondents said they were non-white employees.

Meanwhile, 68 respondents admitted that they felt marginalized or were at risk of being marginalized because of gender. As many as 22 percent of the total respondents said that their gender or gender identity prevented them from working.

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