Microsoft xCloud Has More Games than Google Stadia when Released

event poster X019 in London

This week, Microsoft held an annual event X0 (X019) for three days (November 14-16) in London, England to provide updates on the development of the gaming business that is under the umbrella of the Xbox. Well, on the first day, Microsoft made use of the X019 stage to uncover a number of information related to the development of the streaming game service he was working on, xCloud.

event poster X019 in London

Microsoft brags that gaming services that can be enjoyed on cellphones and tablets will greet audiences next year. The number of games that will be released is also more than Google’s Stadia when it was released. “My hope is that (xCloud) will be publicly available in 2020,” Microsoft’s Head of Gaming, Phil Spencer was quoted a from TheVerge, Friday (11/15/2019).

Not only that, Microsoft also announced that there are around 50 extra games in addition to the 5 games that can be played by xCloud preview users since last October. For information, Google’s similar service, Stadia, only had a catalog of 12 games when it was released.

Some games that can be tasted by xCloud beta users include various popular games such as Madden NFL 20 , Devil May Cry 5 , Tekken 7 , Forza Horizon 4, and many more. The full list can be seen in the following link. Unfortunately, for now the preview version of xCloud itself can only be enjoyed by Xbox users from the US, UK and Korea.

The plan, xCloud preview version will be extended to several other regions, such as Canada, India, Japan, and Eastern Europe around next year. Even so, again, no exact date was also mentioned.

In addition to information on the launch along with various additional games that can be played on xCloud , Microsoft also confirmed that next year, the service will be integrated with Xbox Game Pass (XGP).

That way, in addition to being able to play a variety of exclusive games available in the Microsoft library, XGP customers can also play various xCloud games streaming through the medium of Windows 10 (PC). Not to forget, the support of other game sticks (controllers), in addition to the Xbox One controller, will also be added for user convenience.

The Microsoft even confirmed that the PS4 controller and various Bluetooth controllers made by Razer will be used to play xCloud in 2020.

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