NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures Amazing Galaxy Photos


NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and European Space Agency (ESA) are able to get stunning images of galaxies with strong emission lines.


The existence of strong emissions in the galaxy shows that the galaxy is full of star formation. The galaxy that was captured by the Hubble telescope was identified as NGC 3749, which is located in the Centaurus constellation and is located about 135 million light years from Earth.

ESA notes that the galaxy is an emission line galaxy. This means that in the spectrum of light, this galaxy emits traces of various elements. ESA also explains that depending on galaxy conditions, it can display emission lines or absorption lines.

As opposed to the emission line, absorption lines emerge when galaxies absorb elements.

“If the galactic spectrum shows many absorption lines and several emission lines, this shows that the star forming material has thinned and that the stars are mostly old, while the opposite indicates that it might explode with star formation and energetic newborn stars, “said ESA.

He also added that this technique is known as spectroscopy which can tell the type and composition of galaxies, the density and temperature of the gases emitted, and the rate of star formation.

According to ESA, NGC 3749 displays a strong emission line, which shows that galaxies are rich in areas filled with star formations and star nurseries.

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