Nintendo Switch Becomes Clue Reveal Murder Case

murder illustration

Who would have thought if a murder case can be revealed thanks to the instructions from a Nintendo Switch console. The incident occurred in the State of Alabama, United States. The case began when Matthew Wiser, a professor at the University of South Alabama, was killed by a burglar who broke into his home.

murder illustration

Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood said that the murder case was carried out by two defendants. The two men were named Tiquez Timmons and Derric Scott. According to Blackwood, the defendant Tiquez Timmons and Derric Scott carried out a random action in determining the burglary target.

Tiquez claimed that he had the role of driving the car and dropped Derric Scott right in the area of ​​the victim’s home. “Timmons dropped Scott off to go to the burglary target’s house and he picked him up again. This method was repeated elsewhere,” Blackwood said.

When doing the action, Scott was caught middle of breaking into the home of Matthew Wiser. Just then Scott fired a shot that made Matthew die. But before running away Scott had to take a number of items including a Nintendo Switch owned by Matthew. This console then gave important instructions to the police. Since learning about the loss of the Nintendo Switch, the police then tracked down the suspect by tracing the stolen console activity.

The police said that they tracked down the history and online activities of Matthew Switch owned by Matthew, which was later discovered to be played by Timmons. The digital footprint of Nintendo Switch users can also be seen from the online time and game activities that have been played by users.

That is why the police were able to arrest Timmons and Scott who were subsequently named as defendants for this murder case. Quoted from Fox 10, Thursday (12/19/2019), the two underage perpetrators were subject to sanctions of 150,000 US dollars.

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