Number of PlayStation 5 Orders Will Be Limited?

PlayStation 5

Sony has revealed the form and specifications of the latest next-gen console, PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) in June. Later, rumors circulated that the Japanese console manufacturer would soon open a PS5 pre-order period , but the number of orders for each buyer would be limited.

PlayStation 5

This was first revealed by Reddit users for Kgarvey. When searching for a line of code on the PlayStation Direct page, Kgarvey discovered an error code that would appear if a visitor bought more than one PS5 unit when the pre-order was opened.

“You can only buy one version of the PS5 console: Disc (physical) or Digital. You have added one PS5 console to your cart,” the message reads. Thus, one buyer can only get one PS5 console unit in either the digital version or the regular version (not both), during the pre-order period later.

The unit restriction strategy is actually no stranger to Sony. Previously, Sony was known to have implemented a similar policy in the PS4 launch pre-order period , which first appeared in 2013. Most likely, Sony will also sell PS5 on Amazon, Best Buy, and other stores, so PS5 orders will not only be available on the PlayStation Direct site.

Until now the Sony itself still has not confirmed the truth of the news. However, Sony Senior Vice President of Marketing Eric Lempel promised to immediately deliver the PS5 console pre-order schedule when the time has come.

“We will tell you when the order ( pre-order ) will be held,” said Lempel as summarized from Game Spot, Tuesday (07/21/2020). Kgarvey also found other unique information on the code found on the PlayStation Direct website. He found a label with text that reads “PS5 Compatible”.

The label indicates the possibility that PS5 can play games on PS4. Some time ago, Sony was reportedly going to have a feature called backward compatibility. This feature is claimed to allow users to play games from the legacy PlayStation console.

Besides being present on the PS5, the backward compatibility feature reportedly will also present the latest Xbox console, the Xbox Series X.

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