Oppo Patents the Unique Shaped Rear Camera to Find the X2?

oppo find x2

A patent document released by the Chinese patent office (CNIPA) last week revealed a new mobile phone design from Oppo that has a unique arrangement of rear camera. Camera not arranged in line or in a square-shaped container, but curved horizontally, like a moon crescent.

oppo find x2

Strong suspicion of this camera design will be applied to the next flagship phone from Oppo, Find X2. In sequence from left to right, a row of cameras starts with an LED flash module , then there is one camera that is said to be the main camera, following two cameras that are smaller than the main camera earlier.

At the top of the arrangement of the curved camera there also appears to be a special room with a layer of color that is lighter than the back color of the rest of the device, thus reinforcing the impression of being like the moon. The function of this particular space is not yet clear.

It could be just mere decoration or even have other functions, such as to display LED notification lights or various animations, as compiled from Gizmochina, Tuesday (01/21/2020).

Not only looks different from the others, this phone will reportedly be coated with glass that can hide the rear camera, the mechanism might be similar to the prototype OnePlus Concept One phone that was exhibited at CES 2020 ago.

In other words, the shell of this phone will look clean when the back camera is hidden. Apart from the unique design and function of the rear camera, the other design elements of the smartphone that are allegedly the Oppo Find X2 are still similar to mobile phones in general.

Around the frame there is a wide pop-up camera module similar to Vivo V17 Pro (top), USB-C port and speaker holes without 3.5mm audio jack (bottom), power button (right), and volume buttons (left). Nevertheless, it is uncertain whether the patented cellphone design will be realized in a product or not.

Not necessarily it is a design of the Oppo Find X successor device which was launched around 2018 ago or not.

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