Photos of Motorola Razr sightings circulating, launching this month?

motorola razr

In mid-January, Lenovo, which bought the Motorola brand in 2014, is rumored to be re-releasing the legendary folding Motorola Razr. Now the news is getting closer to reality. This phone will reportedly be introduced on 13 November.

motorola razr

A leaked image that is touted as a new generation of Razr phones circulating in cyberspace. Evan Blass, a famous gadget info leak, shared the picture through his Twitter account. The picture shows a cellphone with a shape very similar to the old Motorola Razr, being held by a user.

From its size, the cellphone looks bigger than the previous version of the Razr. Although it has a shape that looks similar, the entire surface of the Razr phone is covered with a touch screen. That is, this phone is included in the category of foldable phones that use flexible screens so they can be bent.

Quoted evelyntech from Phone Arena, Tuesday (11/5/2019), Motorla Razr is said to be carrying a 6.2-inch wide screen with an OLED panel. Then on the outside there is a 2.7-inch screen to display notifications. Although included in the foldable phone category, the Motorola Razr was allegedly not going to co-exist with the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the same price range.

Because, a number of reports indicate the Motorola Razr “only” will be equipped with Snapdragon 710 or SD 730 chipsets so that the selling price may be lower than the Galaxy Fold.

This chipset will reportedly be accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. There are also reports that say the Motorola Razr will have a 6GB RAM version and 128GB of storage. Nevertheless the appearance of the Motorola Razr is only limited to leaks and Lenovo has not commented on this. This phone is predicted to be priced at 1,500 US dollars.

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