Real PlayStation 5 appearance and new “controller”

Illustration of PS5

PlayStation 5 leaks ( PS5 ) continue to arrive. This time there is a real appearance of the game console in a photo uploaded by the Twitter account @Alcoholikaust. The photo shows two devices similar to a game console in front of a TV. Nearby lay a pair of black controllers.

Illustration of PS5

“PS5 anyone?” write @Alcoholikaust in the caption that accompanies the tweet. The second form of the console in the photo is similar to the PS5 image leak that circulated before. Meanwhile, c Controller accompanying looks similar to the Dual Shock for the PlayStation 4.

Some time ago Sony had indeed patented a controller that allegedly was a pair of PS5. The patent illustration shows that the device is indeed similar to PS4’s, but there are a number of differences. It should be added that the PS5 in the picture might not be the final version, but a developer kit that is given to software developers for the purpose of making games.

The physical design that looks strange is said to have been deliberately made for certain purposes. Tom Warren from The Verge said the PS5 developer kit ‘s large and similar “V” shape was intended to be more easily stacked for stability testing using multiple consoles at once. “The cooling system is optimized to remove air from the sides and the center,” Warren said in a tweet on Twitter, “as compiled from VG247, Monday

On the front, both consoles appear to have an LCD screen that displays a series of texts, possibly related to the programming function. There is a flat-shaped gap that seems to be used to insert game discs, along with a number of USB ports .

Sony itself has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be released to the market in the 2020 holiday season, or towards the end of next year. There is still not much information that is revealed about this next-gen console, but Sony had said that the PS5 will be able to run games made for PS4. In addition, the hardware components in it will also be far more powerful.

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