Reasons for Zoom Many Used for Meetings to Lectures from Home

Zoom application

Work from home policy that is busy echoed to prevent the spread of the corona virus makes Zoom skyrocketing popularity. This video conferencing application is widely used as a means of face-to-face from home for various purposes, ranging from meetings between coworkers, school student learning, online lectures , yoga classes, or just releasing longing with friends.

Zoom application

Actually there are many similar applications, but Zoom is among the most widely used since WFH is applied in various parts of the world. His name was perched as the most popular free application in the iOS App Store in a number of countries, according to App Annie.

Why is Zoom popular? According to information compiled from CNBC, Zoom is known to be reliable and rarely down. “Zoom’s usability and reliability is the reason behind its very high adoption rates,” said ZoomO’s CFO Kelly Steckelberg.

This application also produces low latency so it is relatively undisturbed by pauses, and can maintain video and audio quality even though the internet connection is unstable. Different from other applications such as FaceTime which only exists on Apple devices, Zoom application is also available on Android and PC.

Users can connect to each other in the same chat room even if they use different devices.Zoom can be used free of charge, but the duration of video conferencing is limited to only 40 minutes and the number of participants in a session is a maximum of 100 people.

There are a number of paid packages containing additional features offered on the site. One popular feature of Zoom application is the ability to upload images or videos to be used as background when conducting conferencing. This feature is so popular that it was copied by Microsoft in its Teams service last week.

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