Review of Galaxy Buds Plus, Latest TWS Earphones from Samsung

Galaxy Buds Plus review

In mid-February, Samsung released its newest flagship cellphone line, the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip. In addition to mobile phones, the South Korean vendor has also released the latest wireless earphones, Galaxy Buds Plus.

Galaxy Buds Plus review

Galaxy Buds Plus is a True Wireless Stereo ( TWS ) device, the successor to the first generation Galaxy Buds released last year with a number of improvements.

We also had the opportunity to try this wireless earphone for several weeks. So how was our experience when trying this Galaxy Buds Plus? The following is a brief review.

Look identical to the first generation

The design that carried the Galaxy Buds Plus is similar to the first generation Galaxy Buds. On the side of the two earphones there is a touchpad that functions as a device controller when used to listen to music. The weight of the Galaxy Buds Plus earphones is still light so it’s comfortable to use for a long period of time.

When used, the Galaxy Buds Plus feels right and comfortable to the ear. The eartips texture made from rubber used on these earphones is quite soft.

Samsung also did not forget to equip the Galaxy Buds Plus with a number of eartips that have different sizes. Thus, users can adjust the eartips to be used according to the size of the ear hole. With a light weight and eartips that can be adjusted to the size of the ear, the Galaxy Buds Plus is not easily separated when used.

We try to use Galaxy Buds Plus while on the move, like jogging or just traveling outside the home. As a result, the device remains attached to the ear without sliding. Nevertheless, users must be careful when using this device when exercising.

Because, when we use Galaxy Buds Plus while exercising and is exposed to sweat, there are a few disturbances that arise, namely a disconnected connection for a moment.

There is no noise cancellation Feature

no noise cancellation feature

Just like the first generation Galaxy Buds, the feature that is absent in the Galaxy Buds Plus is noise cancellation. However when used, the Galaxy Buds Plus is quite soundproof.

So that even if it is used in a nursery, the sound in the surrounding environment can be muted well. Instead of presenting the noise cancellation feature, Galaxy Buds Plus actually brings the Ambient Sound feature.

With this feature, users can still listen to the sound from the surrounding environment, without reducing the sound quality heard through Galaxy Buds Plus.

Sensitivity to ambient sounds can also be adjusted. These settings can be accessed through the Ambient Sound menu in the Galaxy Wearable application on the smartphone. There are several Ambient Sound levels to choose from, namely Low, Medium and High.

The higher the level of Ambient Sound, the greater the sound from the surrounding environment can be heard. This feature can make users stay alert to their surroundings despite their activities while listening to music.

Practical control

Just like the first generation Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus also has a touchpad that has a number of control functions for eartphone and song playback. Users can tap once on the touchpad to answer phone calls, or play and pause a song when listening to music.

When used to hear music, users can also play the next song by double-tapping. If you want to play the previous song, users just need to tap three times. If the touchpad is tapped and pressed for a few moments, there are several options that can be done namely adjusting the volume, voice commands, to adjust the ambient sound.

Users can also set any notifications that go to Galaxy Buds Plus. These settings can be done through the Galaxy Wearable application on smartphones.

Sound quality

We also tried Galaxy Buds Plus to listen to music from several different genres. Overall, Galaxy Buds Plus produces detailed and balanced audio. The voice also sounds clean and clear.

However, if you prefer sound characters with dominant bass, you should set them through the Galaxy Wearable application. There are several equalizers that can be adjusted, which are normal, bast boost, soft, dynamic, clear, and treble boost.

Long lasting battery

One of the things that deserves the thumbs up of Galaxy Buds Plus is battery life. When it was launched mid-February, Samsung claimed that this device could last for more than 10 hours. We also try to prove the claim.

We use Galaxy Buds Plus around 1.5 hours to 2 hours every day to listen to music and watch movies. The result, the battery on the Galaxy Buds Plus runs out after about 6 days after the use of the earphone and casing batteries are full.

Like other earphones like, the casing used to store the Galaxy Buds Plus has an integrated battery. When the earphone is stored in it, the casing will automatically charge the battery.

Worth buying?

With the official price is it worth buying Galaxy Buds Plus? This TWS earphone is suitable for those who are not concerned with the noise cancellation feature. Beyond the absent noise absorbers , its features are quite rich with clear and detailed sound quality.

Two things worthy of consideration from the Galaxy Buds Plus are the Ambient Sound feature that keeps the user alert while listening to music while on the move, and a relatively long battery life.

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