Similar to Zoom, Facebook Messenger Now Has “Screen Sharing” Feature

Screen Sharing Feature
Screen Sharing Feature on Facebook Messenger

One feature that is widely used in the popular teleconferencing application, Zoom, is screen sharing that allows users to forward the screen display of their devices to meeting participants.

Screen Sharing Feature
Screen Sharing Feature on Facebook Messenger

As if not wanting to be left behind, Facebook Messenger’s instant messaging application later added similar features for its users on the Android and iOS platforms. If the user access via web or desktop, screen sharing available in Messenger Rooms.

The screen sharing feature is useful when users want to make presentations or display any content in front of other participants online. Hosted in group video calls it is also possible to control the use of the screen sharing feature and limit who can use this feature.

If accessed through a mobile application, users can share screen views with eight participants in group video calls. Meanwhile, if accessing via desktop via Messenger Room, the screen sharing feature supports up to 16 participants.

Compiled from Gadgets NDTV, Wednesday (7/22/2020), Facebook also plans to increase the coverage of the number of participants in group video calls to be able to share screens with 50 people at once.

Earlier in July, signs of integration between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger began to appear. A number of WhatsApp functions are reportedly able to be directly processed from within the Messenger application.

An application developer named Alessandro Paluzzi also briefly shared rumors that the conversation that occurred on the Messenger application was allegedly going to be accessible via the Instagram application.

Through his upload, he revealed there was a “Get Messenger in Instagram” menu on the Instagram settings page. This indicates that Facebook will later integrate Messenger and Instagram services that allow users on both platforms to communicate with each other.

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