Similar to Zoom, Google Meet Can Now Show 16 People at Once

Google Hangouts Application

After more and more people began to use video conferencing applications to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, many technology companies are updating the teleconferencing application features, including Google.

Google Hangouts Application

The Google Hangouts Meet video conference application, or what is now called Google Meet, is now able to display 16 teleconferencing participants at once on a grid on the screen. Previously, Meet could only display four people simultaneously.

The new look makes Meet similar to its competitors, Zoom , although Zoom is able to show more participants, reaching 49 people on one screen. The numbers above apply to the number of teleconferencing participants who can be displayed simultaneously on the screen.

Meet can accommodate up to 100 total participants for G Suite Basic customers (6 US dollars /month), 150 people for G Suite customers (12 US dollars ) and 250 people for G Suite for Enterprise (25 dollars US per month).

Meet is indeed part of a paid G Suite package. Google also provides a free video conference application, Hangouts which integrates with Gmail and can accommodate up to 25 teleconferencing participants.

Compiled from The Next Web, Tuesday (4/21/2020), in addition to increasing the number of participants who can be displayed at the same time on the screen, Meet calls can now also be received directly from Gmail as well as Hangouts.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak, Meet is now one of Google’s fastest growing services. Daily usage figures have increased 25-fold in the period between January and March 2020.

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