Similar to Zoom, Skype Now Can Be Used Without Login

Skype application

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom suddenly became a popular worldwide teleconferencing application. Even his fame rivaled Skype , which had already been widely used.

Skype application

Compared to Skype, Zoom does offer convenience, one of which is allowing users to join online meetings via a browser without having to download the application and register. Presumably, Skype does not want to lose. Skype has now released a new feature called “Meet Now” that allows Zoom-like simplicity.

This feature makes it easy for hosts or online meeting organizers to teleconference via a browser on the Skype site. Through Meet Now, the organizer of the meeting can create a link or link which is then shared with teleconference participants via email or chat .

Participants who were invited did not need to download or register Skype first on their laptops or smartphones. Through this link, participants will be directed to the Skype web client on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Both are browsers that support the Meet Now feature at this time.

skype meeting

For participants who already have a Skype application installed on the device, can directly join the teleconference as a visitor ( visitors ) without having to log-in to a Skype account. Although there is no need to download the application and registration, participants and hosts can use almost all features.

Starting from recording a call, changing the background, and dividing the screen. “Use the full features you want. The meeting link will not expire and can be used at any time,” said the description on the Skype home page.

Summarized from Android Authority, Tuesday (04/07/2020), call records will be stored on the Skype server for 30 days. This feature is a new attraction, especially for hosts who are holding teleconferences for the first time online .

The ease of Skype could be an alternative to Zoom which is now being exposed to security and privacy issues. Zoom itself recognizes that there are security holes in its platform and is delaying the launch of new features in order to focus on handling security.

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