Snapchat Has an Old Face Filter Similar to FaceApp

Snapchat's new filter

Remember the FaceApp application that can change faces to look old? Now Snapchat also has a similar filter that was released recently. The filter is named Time Machine. Through this filter, users can see what their faces look like when children grow up and age. But unlike FaceApp, the face filter on SnapChat is considered not so realistic.

Snapchat's new filter

Because when a user uses an old face filter, the user’s face will only turn slightly fatter and hair that turns white. There are no wrinkles on the skin that should be seen when the face begins to age. Quoted from The Verge, Sunday (11/24/2019), Time Machine is an original filter from Snapchat that is made and developed independently by the company. Typically, Snapchat pays for outside developers to create various filters.

This old face filter is a complement to the previous filter that can change the user’s face to be like a baby. Based on the report, the face filters are indeed effective in attracting users to use Snapchat again. In the second quarter of 2019 it was reported that there were as many as seven to nine million users who joined Snapchat to use these filters.

Snapchat is currently increasingly aggressively enriching the existing content on the platform. Even a few months ago, Snapchat also released several new built-in applications. This new suite of applications is the new augmented reality (AR) for lenses features, original Snapchat content, multiplayer games, and features for integrating Snapchat Stories with other applications such as Tinder.

AR Snapchat is also integrated with the online store to make it easier for users to shop. They simply take a picture or scan a barcode to see the specifications of the item before buying it. Compared to Instagram, Snapchat is somewhat less popular. Do not want to continue to lag with competitors who also often cheat that feature, Snapchat is now starting to clean up.

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