Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Logo and Features

PlayStation 5 Logo

Stage Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020 used by Sony to announce some information related to the newest game console, PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ). In the annual event, Jim Ryan as President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) officially showed the logo of the PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation 5 Logo

At first glance, the logo looks quite similar to PS4’s logo. When viewed from the type of writing (font), the design does look similar, coupled with a black background. It’s just that the number “4” in the PS4 logo is now replaced by the number “5” which is nothing but representing the fifth generation console, and complete with the iconic “PS” logo on the front.

In addition to announcing the official logo, Ryan also said that the PS5 will come with a variety of brand-new features to enhance the experience in playing games. Some of them consist of 3D audio (audio) output technology, super fast SSD storage media, ray tracing graphics technology, to Blu-Ray media support with Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

There is also PS5 controller support that is equipped with features of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that had been revealed by Sony some time ago. Features haptic feedback is claimed to provide the effect of vibration ( vibration ) is more diverse than technology “rumble” that existed in the previous generation console.

While adaptive triggers function to provide varying levels of resistance when users press the “L2” and “R2” buttons on the controller when playing different games.

“With the foundation (features), PS5 will spur developers to create games that are able to provide an immersive playing experience, both from visual, sound, to the experience of playing the game itself,” Ryan said as quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (7 / 1/2020).

However, Sony is still hiding the appearance of this PS4 successor console. The Sony also promised to unveil the details related to the PS5 console, including its design, in the next few months before the console glides at the end of the holidays in late 2020. We look forward to it.

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