Sony Launches ZV-1 Pocket Camera for Vlogger and Influencer

Sony ZV-1 pocket camera

After waiting, this week Sony finally introduced a pocket camera specifically intended for vloggers and influecners , namely the Sony ZV-1. Although the shape is similar to the RX100 series compact cameras, but the ZV-1 has a number of differences that make it more optimal, to be used to record video independently.

Sony ZV-1 pocket camera

For example, the ZV-1 zoom lens has a shorter focal range (24-70 mm equivalent. Full frame equivalent) with a wider aperture, f / 1.8-2.8. While the RX100 has recently switched to using a 24-200 mm f / 2.8-f / 4.5 lens.

Then, the 3-inch LCD touch screen on this camera has an articulated hinge , so it can be rotated in all directions by swinging to the side.

The ZV-1 does not have an electronic view-finder pop-up like the RX100 series, but there is a hotshoe (Multi Interface Shoe) for attaching additional accessories such as microphones. There is a 3.5mm audio connector that is ready to accommodate.

Sony ZV-1

In addition to the hotshoe there is an integrated 3-capsule directional mic type that is optimized to capture sound from the front, while minimizing the sound from the side and back.

The mic can be fitted with wind screen accessories that are included in the complete sales package of the Sony ZV-1. ZV-1 sensor itself still uses the Exmor RS model measuring 1-inch with a resolution of 20.1 MP. Video recording can be done up to 4K 24/30 FPS resolution, and slow motion up to 960 FPS.

There are interval recording facilities for video time lapse , and support for gamma HLG, S-Log3, and S-Gamut3.cine profiles for those who want to do color grading.

Sony also embed extra features related to video, such as “Background Defocus” with a special button, and Product Showcase mode to switch autofocus from the user’s face to the product being shown in front of the camera.

The ZV-1 camera is planned to go on sale in June, with a tag of US $ 799, as summarized from Slashgear , Thursday (05/28/2020). Sony also sells a companion accessory package called ACCVC1 Vlogger Kit, which contains a wireless shooting grip and a 64GB UHS-II SDXC memory card, at a price of 149 US dollars.

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