Spotify users can search for songs by typing lyrics in the application

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Spotify has just launched a new feature that allows users to search for songs, using only snippets of lyrics. This feature is becoming available to Spotify users on Android and iOS, both premium and free.

spotify user

The feature of searching for songs through this lyric cut makes Spotify now have a similar feature to its competitors, Apple Music. Spotify Product Designer, Lina Wang through her personal Twitter account on Monday (5/10/2020) announced the presence of this feature.

“My team recently added something [on Spotify] for iOS and Android, now you can search for songs based on the lyrics on Spotify, good luck,” wrote Wang.

Even though it still doesn’t have an official name, this feature will certainly make it easier for users to search for songs via Spotify more simply. Previously, users had to use third-party applications like Shazam to type lyrics and find song titles, then play them on Spotify.

But after this feature appears, users no longer have to open other applications. They simply write down the song lyrics in the Spotify search field. Then, Spotify will bring up the song titles that match the lyrics. A similar feature has been released by Apple on the Apple Music streaming service since last year.

Similar to Spotify, Apple Music users also simply need to type the word that is remembered in the search field. Summarized from PhoneArena Tuesday (6/10/2020), the song search feature via text appeared after Spotify launched the Collaborative Playlist feature last week.

The Collaborative Playlist feature is made so that users can invite friends and family members to create playlists together.

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