Technology and Innovation Introduced by Apple at WWDC 2020

Tim Cook at the WWDC Apple 2020

Apple officially held the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020, but this time it was broadcast online, on Tuesday (6/23/2020) early this morning. On this occasion, Apple introduced a series of features and the latest technology that will be used in products made by Apple.

Tim Cook at the WWDC Apple 2020

Most are operating systems for Apple devices, such as iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod Touch, iPadOS for iPad, MacOS Big Sur for Mac computers, tvOS for Apple TV , and WatchOS for Apple Watch . So what features does Apple present in the operating system?

For more details, here is a summary of technology and new features introduced by Apple at the WWDC 2020 event, summarized from Apple’s official site, Tuesday (06/23/2020).

MacOS Big Sur

– Safari

Safari is a typical browser owned by Apple. On MacOS Big Sur, Safari can monitor passwords stored by users just in case the password is broken. There is also a “Privacy Report” button that will tell you what data has been tracked by the site you just visited.

There are also new features that allow users to customize images on the browser page , Reading List, and additional iCloud tabs on the browser.

– New Mac Catalyst

The Mac Catalyst programming language (API) was first present in the MacOS Catalina series. With Mac Catalyst, iPad application developers can integrate applications on Mac computers. Now, the application is reborn by bringing a fresh look, and offers convenience for developers who want to control the appearance and behavior of their applications.

iOS 14

– Library App

This feature is arguably similar to Android’s App Drawer. App Library functions to group applications into certain categories automatically, such as recently added to new applications that are installed , social media, entertainment, and so on.

– Clips app

Apple now presents App Clips, an application that can make it easier for users to make payment transactions. With App Clips, Apple users can use NFC and QR Code features to perform activities such as paying for parking.

Codes on App Clips can also be shared via the Messages messaging application and the Safari browser.

– Message Pinned to Messages

Apple users no longer have to worry about missing a chat. Because on iOS 14, users are now able to paste messages or conversations, so the messages are not pushed by new messages that appear afterwards. Uniquely, users can also send replies to the embedded message directly, so the conversation can continue on the embedded message.

– Bicycle Routes on Maps

In addition to providing routes for motorcyclists, motorized vehicles and pedestrians, the Maps application now also provides special routes for bicycle users. The information that will be presented by Maps includes the altitude level of the route, traffic density conditions and the availability of stairs along the route taken.

iPadOS 14

– Write using Apple Pencil

Offering a wide surface area, not infrequently if the iPad is often used to draw sketches or just write words. Uniquely, iPadOS 14 is now able to detect the user’s handwriting, and convert it into text. The text can also be copied and pasted on the iMessage messaging application and the Safari browser.

– Search

Apple now also includes a search feature (search) on all applications. In this way, users no longer have to leave the application to simply search.

WatchOS 7

Apple also brings a number of updates to the watchOS7 operating system on the Apple Watch wearable. One of them is a timer feature that can be automatically activated when users start washing their hands.

Apple Watch will then count down the time for 20 seconds. If the user finishes earlier than the countdown, the user will be asked to continue washing their hands.

By downloading additional applications on their iPhone devices, Apple Watch users can now track and manage their sleep time routines. In addition, users can also share their Apple Watch screen display via Messages, Mail, or on social media.

tvOS 14

Apple TV users will also come with a number of brand-new features that are no less amazing. Some improvements have occurred at Apple Arcade, which is now able to continue several games that were previously abandoned automatically.

Furthermore, Apple TV users can also access the video camera on Homekit using the Siri assistant and Control Center, as well as displaying conditions outside the home via Apple TV.

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