The First Android Mobile Prototype Appears on EBay Auction Sites

Google Sooner cell phone

Recently, several cellphones that allegedly were prototypes of the first Android devices appeared and sold on eBay auction sites. The mobile device called “Sooner” is believed to be the prototype of the HTC G1 / Dream smartphone which became the first platform for the Android operating system in 2008.

Google Sooner cell phone

It looks like a BlackBerry phone, with a QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons below the screen. Sooner reportedly was made by Google and was never released. The seller installed the official tag of 200 US dollars for each unit of Sooner’s cellphone. He said he did not guarantee the unique device could function because it was an old stock that was more than 10 years old.

Google Sooner cell phone

The photos uploaded show a series of accessories still complete wrapped in plastic, consisting of a charger and a USB cable, as compiled from Android Police. The specifications are clearly far behind compared to today’s Android phones. Sooner is powered by an OMAP processor made by Texas Instruments namely TI OMAP 850 SoC, combined with 64MB RAM.

In terms of screen, Sooner has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. With a 960 mAh battery capacity, this phone is only equipped with one rear camera with a 1.3MP sensor resolution. Sooner also still relies on 2G networks and does not support WiFi. All of the Sooner units that were once sold on eBay are now sold out.

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