This Is Because Google Delete AnTuTu Benchmark Software from Play Store

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A few days ago, a number of AnTuTu applications, such as AnTutu 3DBench, AnTuTu Benchmark, and AiTuTu Benchmark, disappeared from the Android application store, Google Play Store. At that time, it was not yet known what exactly caused the various smartphone testing applications to be removed by Google.

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However, now AnTuTu gives his statement. Based on an official statement from AnTuTu reported by AndroidPolice , it said that the deletion was motivated by the association between AnTuTu and application developers deemed naughty by Google, namely Cheetah Mobile (CM).

CM itself is known to often violate Google’s policies, such as changing the default browser application from Chrome to their own browser. As a decisive action, the company from Mountain View, California, USA, revoked all applications made by Cheetah Mobile, from the Play Store application store in February.

Returning to the AnTuTu application, it denied the reasons given by Google, and stated that AnTuTu had nothing to do with CM, at least in terms of the Google Play Store developer account . “AnTuTu account has nothing to do with the CM account. AnTuTu was pioneered in 2011, even made before CM, and is a Google Play developer since the early days,” AnTuTu said as quoted from AndroidPolice, Tuesday (03/10/2020).

CM is an AnTuTu investor Even so, they claimed that CM itself actually became one of the investors in the benchmarking application maker. However, AnTuTu’s business operations remain independent, without interference from CM. The Cheetah Mobile site ( which is included in AnTuTu’s privacy policy list, does have to be listed, because it buys legal services from CM.

While the presence of Cheetah Mobile CEO, Fu Sheng in the ranks of AnTuTu officials is considered as one of the requirements of an investment between CM and AnTuTu. Sheng himself claimed not to interfere in AnTuTu’s business operations.

That is, he only served as one of his officers. AnTuTu also hopes that Google can correct this misunderstanding and restore the AnTuTu application in the Android app store. Until this news was written, Tuesday (10/3/2020), various AnTuTu applications are still missing from the Google Play Store.

Nevertheless, users can download the official “APK” file uploaded by AnTuTu, through the official website via the following link.

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