Tumblr Now Has Conversation Group Features in the Application

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Tumblr microblogging site released a new feature called Group Chat. This feature is similar to group conversations on Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook’s instant messaging services. The difference is, Group Chat on Tumblr has several differences, one of which is public alias open.

Tumblr Group Chat

Thus, anyone can join the group chat even though it can only be a silent reader. If you want to join in the conversation, the user must ask to join first. If the administrator has allowed it, then the user can send messages in the group. However, the maximum capacity of members of this group is 100 people.

This feature can be found by clicking on the messaging icon in the upper right corner of the application. Later there will be a number of thematic Group Chat options to choose from, for example a filmmaking group, a poetry lover group, a mental health group, and so on.

Just choose which group chat the theme is considered interesting. Another difference in the Group Chat feature on Tumblr compared to other platforms like Facebook is that all messages will disappear within 24 hours. Group Chat is one of the breakthroughs in Tumblr that makes it easy for users to gather in one group conversation, with the same topic. During this time, they can only reply to each other’s comments on each upload or repost (re-upload) posts.

In addition to talking in groups, users can also send messages to group members privately. Safety first Scott Oltrogge, Tumblr Product Manager said, in sparking this idea Tumblr still prioritizes user security, we summarized from The Verge. One way is to give group authority to the group owner or administrator to control its members.

All members in the group also have the right to report users who are caught spitting out expressions of hatred, or violent messages. Even though only group administrators have the authority to remove members from the group. “I can delete messages and can expel users as I wish. The message can also be deleted if it is inappropriate.

I can also expel users completely if they do not behave as I wish,” Oltrogge explained. Tumblr also limits the media that can be inserted in conversations such as photos and GIFs. They can only use photos and GIFs available on Tumblr only in Group Chat. Oltrogge also said the Tumbr chat group cannot be made secret because it was designed for an open chat experience.

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