Twitter and Instagram accounts belong to Facebook Hacked by Hackers

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A number of social media accounts belonging to Facebook reported have been burglarized by a group of hackers who call themselves ” OurMine “. Based on a series of screenshots spread on Twitter, OurMine appears to hijack Facebook’s Twitter account with the handle @ Facebook and Messenger, @messenger.

Facebook illustration

Not only that, hackers also broke into Instagram accounts of the two products, @Facebook and @Messenger. Hackers “OurMine” also uploads posts in the accounts that have been burglarized. They write, the accounts of technology companies can be hijacked because the security system is called weak.

In addition to uploading statements, OurMine also changed the appearance of Facebook and Messenger Instagram account profiles by stuffing the feed with a series of images that could be the group’s logo.

Watched evelyntech, Saturday (02/08/2020), a hacker uploaded on Twitter and Facebook-owned Instagram has been deleted. Facebook has not yet provided an official comment regarding this case. However, Twitter confirmed that Facebook accounts had been hacked.

“After we found out the problem (hacking), we immediately locked the account (Facebook) and worked with Facebook to restore it,” said a Twitter spokesman as reported by Reuters. Not the first time, before OurMine also had a chance to hijack social media accounts owned by leaders of technology companies and a number of well-known brands.

Some of them are like Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account (Facebook CEO), Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Netflix, Marvel Studios, FC Barcelona, ​​to the New York Times. In addition to social networking, OurMine has also hacked several popular sites, such as BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, Variety, to WikiLeaks.

Through the Khoros application

Based on searches, uploads on Twitter and Instagram mentioned above were allegedly originated from the Khoros application. OurMine uses the application to upload posts on social media accounts owned by Facebook et al.

nown, Khoros is a social media management platform to manage a number of social networking accounts through one application, similar to TweetDeck, HootSuite, or Buffer. Unfortunately, Khoros has not provided information regarding this piracy case.

However, a few weeks ago, when OurMine hacked NFL accounts and ESPN TV stations during the Super Bowl moment, Khoros had confirmed that the system was not problematic and was not hacked. At that time, Khoros said that he would cooperate with his customers to solve the hacking case.

“We are helping Khoros customers to handle this (hacking) incident,” Khoros said at the time, as quoted from ZDNet. “We are committed to maintaining the security of our customers and are working with them to help deal with this problem,” he concluded.

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