Twitter CEO just eats once a day

Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO , Jack Dorsey, apparently has a pretty extreme eating habits. He claimed to only eat seven times a week. That means, this 43-year-old man only eats one meal a day. “I eat seven meals a week, only at dinner,” Dorsey answered in a video shown on YouTube’s Wired channel.

Jack Dorsey

In the video, someone on Twitter asked for news circulating about Dorsey’s eating habits. He asked if it was true that the CEO meditated two hours a day, 52 minutes sauna every day, and only ate five meals a week. Last year, in a podcast, Dorsey admitted that he only ate five meals a week.

On weekends, he spends his time fasting. So, at least, there is a slight increase in the amount of food Dorsey consumes today compared to last year. He admitted that during his eating habits, he had hallucinations in the first three days.

“It feels strange to do that,” he admitted at the time. “But when I did it a second time, I realized that a lot of our time was only focused on food, and when fasting longer, I felt time was slower,” said Dorsey. Jack Dorsey is known for trying quite strange food habits.

Even some people suspect Jack has an eating disorder or eating disorder. In the past, he was rumored to have undergone a Paleo diet program. This diet is oriented to the ancestral eating habits, precisely the Paleotic era.

People who go on this diet can only consume milk, nuts, and seeds. The strange eating habits of technology billionaires Not just Jack Dorsey. Technology billionaires in other Silicon Valley are also said to often carry out “unique” eating habits.

The habit is called “biohacking” which aims to lead a better life and live longer. The late Steve Jobs, is said to often travel a few weeks and only eat one or two times. Occasionally, the food consumed is only apples or carrots. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is also said to have a “personal challenge” about food.

He once challenged himself to eat meat only from animals that he killed with his own hands. Dorsey also revealed this when he visited Zuckerberg’s house in 2011. He tells us that Zuckerberg killed a goat with a shotgun and knife to protect it at dinner. But due to lack of appetite, Jack failed to eat the meat.

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