Twitter Extends Blue Verification for Health Expert Accounts

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Twitter will provide more ” blue check ” alias verification on the accounts of health experts. This is done to minimize false information related to Covid-19 that circulates on Twitter.

Twitter application on mobile

Through a tweet, Twitter said that they were working with a number of global health authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), to identify which accounts were worthy of verification. Twitter also said, now they have provided blue verification on hundreds of accounts belonging to health experts.

“We are working with global health authorities to identify the accounts of health experts and we have verified hundreds of accounts,” Twitter said on the @TwitterSupport account. However, Twitter does not provide a detailed explanation of the number of accounts that have been verified.

It is also not clear whether this policy applies globally or only for certain regions. To simplify the verification process, Twitter recommends a number of things to users, if they want to be assessed as a “health expert”.

First, make sure the e-mail address used on Twitter is the e-mail that represents the health institution or organization that they are working with. The e-mail address should include the domain information of the health institution at work.

Or if not, the e-mail should come from the organization the user belongs to. This is important because Twitter will verify an account that is considered a health expert based on the e-mail address . In addition to e-mail addresses , Twitter will also check the “bio” information page on the account in question.

This means that users who want to be verified as health experts must also update the information on Twitter bio by including the relevant health institution’s site link. In addition, users are also encouraged to provide their Twitter account information on the official website of the organization or place of work so that Twitter can verify it quickly.

Summarized from Engadget, Wednesday (3/25/2020), Twitter also plans to receive public input to see which accounts are eligible to be given a blue check. Thus, Twitter does not only accept input from global health authorities.

Blue verification on Twitter actually makes it easy for people to recognize that a public interest account is genuine. An account will get verified if the account is specified as an account of public interest. Examples are accounts belonging to public figures, government agencies, the media, or other important fields.

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