Two Ways to Make the Best Nine 2019 Instagram

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Every year, Instagram users often show nine photos with the most likes made into collages in one picture. The collage is often labeled with #bestnine hashtag which marks the nine best photos of the user. The best nine posts of 2019 now seem to have been re-created by Instagram users.

instagram illustration

To make this best nine Instagram post, users naturally need a third party application or service. One application that can be used to make a summary of these photos is

There are two ways you can do to make the best nine photo collage 2019 Instagram, with the Topnine application. First by visiting the page through a browser, or second, by using an Android application that can be downloaded here and applications for iOS that can be downloaded here.

When logging into the site or application through a browser, users simply enter their Instagram username (ID) and press the “continue” button. On the next page, the user will be asked to enter an active user’s e-mail address. After that, just click the “Find My Top Nine” button.

Did not take long, will also display the best nine Instagram 2019 containing nine photos with the most number of “likes”. Collages are arranged based on their popularity. From the top left corner is affixed with the most likes, to the bottom right of the fewest of the nine photos.

Also included is some additional information related to the collage, such as the number of “likes” in the nine photos, and the average number of “likes” per photo. Users can save the collage photos in the mobile gallery by pressing the “Save to Photos” button. Or, users can also directly showcase Best Nine 2019 on Instagram (via Stories or Feed) by pressing the “Share on Instagram” button.

It should be noted, only summarizes photos uploaded in 2019. This means that photos published in 2018 will not be included in the collage, even though the number of “likes” of the photo is greater than the photos uploaded in 2019.

Also keep in mind, the web version of can only display photo collages from accounts whose profile is not locked. Delete e-mail after use To avoid unwanted things like privacy and security issues, users should immediately delete the e-mail used to make Best Nine 2019 on if they have downloaded the available photo collages.

Users can delete Instagram e-mail address and photo collage data stored on the site by visiting the following link. After entering the e-mail address on the link, all user data stored on will be deleted in the next 30 days.

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