Update Samsung Galaxy S10 There is a feature “Slow-Mo” in the Selfie Camera

front camera Galaxy S10 Plus

On the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone, the video recorder mode is slow ( slow-motion or slow-mo ) only available on the back camera only. But now these features can be used via the front camera (selfie). You could say that because there is an update that allows users to use slow-mo video recording mode, aka slow motion, through the front camera.

front camera Galaxy S10 Plus

This October 2019 update, measuring 284 MB, is summarized in a screenshot that circulates in cyberspace. In the picture, you can see a German statement that says “Zeitlupenfunktion wurde für die frontkamera hinzugefügt”.

Updated Samsung Galaxy S10 in German

If interpreted in english, the statement would say “The Slow Motion function has been added for the front camera”. This feature began to be spread globally by Samsung, we also received this update last week. Even so, it is not certain whether this camera function improvement applies to the entire Galaxy S10 trio (S10e, S10, S10 Plus) or only the regular Galaxy S10.

Also not mentioned how much the frame rate (fps) and video quality that will be produced through the slow-mo feature on this front camera. In addition to slow-mo selfie recording, this latest update also features the “Auto Hotspot” feature that can be used to share an internet connection (via Wi-Fi) to nearby devices that log in with a Samsung account.

Slow-mo Smartphones As we summarized from GSMArena, Monday (11/04/2019), there is also a new notification icon titled “Media and Device” that users can access to manage devices connected to cellphones, such as TVs or wireless earphones.

Not to forget, the fingerprint scanner feature is also enhanced by Samsung through this over-the-air (OTA) update. Not yet known when a mode similar to the features of Slofies in the ranks of the iPhone 11 will be visited by other users outside the two regions earlier. We wait for it.

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