Updated, Google Activity Cards Can Make Searching the Internet Easier

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Google has updated the activity cards feature which is usually present at the bottom of the search page when users find their search results in a browser. This feature will usually show you related searches and previous searches that users have made with the same topic.

google logo illustrations

Last week, activity cards were updated to focus more on the three topics that are often the most searched for, namely related to work, recipes and online shopping .

Of the three topics, Google added a specification for the next search stage so that users can find search results more specifically.

For example, when users search on jobs, activity cards related jobs will display the posting of new job search and sort the relevant from the last job search results users are looking for. As compiled from Cnet, on Monday (8/24/2020), this can help prevent users sort through the post l owongan old job.

The activity card will bring up a new opportunity at the top position. The same is true for shopping topic searches . Activity cards will display products that users have previously viewed. Activity cards will also provide product reviews that you want to observe first, before users make a purchase transaction.

From here, users can more easily compare what they are interested in in order to find items according to what the user wants. Then for recipe searches, activity cards will display more relevant recipes related to searches for dishes or food ingredients that have been previously searched for on Google.

For example, when a user searches for chicken recipes, Google will display the related recipes that were viewed recently and display thumbnail previews to help its users choose the most appropriate recipe. Google first time introduced activity cards in 2018.

This feature displays a link at the bottom of search results and at the top of the search results page. This feature works when the user is signed in to a Google account on a mobile phone or computer.

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